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If you have a look at my galleries (and I’m assuming you have), you’ll notice that my two favoured subjects for photography are cars and landscapes. Over the years, I have endeavoured to hone my photography skills in those particular areas. Sometimes though it is good to be pushed in a different direction…

I was very excited to see an email drop into my inbox from Rebecca Campbell who had been working on an amazing mural in a Regency house in Cheltenham. She had been passed my details by Jamie Williams, who had been providing some very high-end cabinetry to the same client. Rebecca wanted some images of this massive project for her website. These were to be documentary (to give a sense of the scale of the mural) and also more intimate (to highlight the detail and skill of her work).

After a meeting to get a sense of the project and whether it was something I could tackle, I came away and mulled. Could I do it justice? How could I get it all in? What should I charge? I mulled and mulled again.

After some mulling, I emailed Rebecca with a quote, and we agreed that I should take the photos the following Tuesday, as she should have finally finished this two-month project on the Monday before.

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