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One art please!

A few weeks ago a local firm of chartered surveyors got in touch with me with the thought of having a couple of my images printed for their boardroom. After perusing my portfolio, they settled on two scenes captured in Torridon during my visit in February this year.

Size-wise they wanted them to be reasonably large. The final image sizes were 440x660mm for the portrait image, and the landscape was 740x493mm. However, the prints had a border which meant the finished articles were a little larger.

I have recently decided to use Canson Baryta gloss paper for my prints after ordering some samples from Printspace in London. It holds detail nicely and keeps images looking crisp. So with the sizing and print medium sorted, I clicked the 'order' button.

I was very interested (and a little nervous) to see how my shots would look at this size. They would certainly be the biggest landscape images that I have had printed, and I was conscious that their size may be less than flattering to poor technique either in the original capture or post-production.

A couple of days later a large cardboard tube hovered into view, and after very carefully unwrapping and rolling the contents, I could breathe a sigh of relief! The prints looked great: the detail was good, they were sharp and the colours were spot on. Happy times!

The client was very pleased with them too, which I think was probably more important. They had made arrangements to get them framed with a company based in Malvern: Lyttelton Framing. After a couple of weeks, they were framed, and I had a phone photo showing them installed in the boardroom. I had the opportunity to swing by the offices today to see them for myself.

I was really, really happy. They look great. Andy at Lyttelton has done a superb job of framing them and has used Image Perfect glass (anti-reflective, high UV protection, and crystal clear!) that doesn’t come between the viewer and the image. The boardroom has a lot of windows which play havoc with reflections on some of the other art there, but I’m glad to say not mine!

Most of my portfolio prints are round about A4 size. It has been a real boost to see them printed at this scale. I’m excited to get some more done, so roll up folks and place your orders!

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