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Professional Photography Issue #1

The only photography magazine I regularly get is Outdoor Photography. I occasionally pick up Digital Camera but not with any consistency. The front of Professional Photography looked a little different from the usual '10 Amazing things to do with a lens cap' and 'Build a drone with a pigeon and a shoebox' photo magazine covers. Although not professional, I am a photographer so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first thing to note is the price. £5.49 is a lot for a magazine, particularly one that doesn’t come with a DVD full of Photoshop lessons and other freebies. What that money does get you is a square-bound magazine that is printed on very pleasing semi-gloss paper. The finish nicely sets off the quality of the images inside. Don McCullin’s shots are always nice to see, but I really liked the vivid aerial photography of Tommy Clarke and the high-key images produced by Danila Tkachenko.

Alongside the inspirational images, there are, of course, gear reviews to make you dissatisfied but also some thought-provoking articles on the more commercial side of photography. (By that I mean making a living from photography, promoting your work and so forth.) If this issue is anything to go by, it won’t be full of tutorials and walkthroughs, but frankly, that market is plenty crowded already!

All in all, it’s an interesting read that I will dip in to repeatedly I think. I’m not sure I’ll buy it every month, but it will certainly be on the shortlist should I be looking for a more involved look at the world of photography.

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