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It lives!

The grove of trees on May Hill, Gloucestershire, UK at night.

Hello and welcome to the brand new Longshot Photography website! Exciting, isn't it?

A big thank you straight up to Mark at who has put a lot of time and effort into producing this shiny site for me. You really should get in touch with him ([email protected]) for any of your web development needs. And also Ben at Mere Development who sorted domain registration and email hosting, for some beer.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more images to the galleries, and gibberish to this blog, so please keep checking back.

It's more than likely that I'll mention any news on my Twitter or Instagram accounts, so if you would like to follow those pop along to the contact page where you'll find the necessary links. Or click the little buttons at the bottom of this page. Whatever works for you!

If you do spot any horrific typos, bad links or other shocking web faux-pas, please (1) keep a sense of perspective and (2) let me know, so I can get it put right. Cheers.

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