About me

A drawing of Ken Long.

My name is Ken Long and I have enjoyed photography for many years.

The first camera I remember owning was a Hanimex 110. I was unfeasibly excited with it due to the little sliding switch which enabled me to flick between wide-angle and 'telephoto'. I took it to Switzerland when I was about twelve and took many grainy, flat photos of the Eiger Nordwand and other assorted Swiss wonders.

Stepping up from the Hanimex (not that hard), my first proper camera was a Zenit 12XP with a 58mm Helios lens. I added a Sirius lens twin-pack which gave me 28mm and 135mm options. It’s fair to say that the Zenit was a pretty basic camera, but it produced a number of images that I was quite pleased with.

After a brief dalliance with a Pentax SLR, I made the switch to digital and bought a Nikon D50. I have stuck with Nikon ever since. I enjoy the creative options that digital cameras and the digital darkroom provide.

I have always enjoyed outdoor activities, whether that be mountain biking, bodyboarding, snowboarding (occasionally and badly), or mountain and hill walking. As you’ll see in the gallery, my photographic leanings echo that love of the great outdoors. I enjoy landscape photography but also endeavour to capture the more intimate aspects of nature. I have also recently been experimenting with Intentional Camera Movement which can, if done well, create a more impressionistic image.

I also have a soft spot for fast cars, and racing cars in particular. When opportunity arises, I enjoy getting along to interesting events, whether for modern or classic vehicles.

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